Company History

Founded in 1975 with an initial focus on structural engineering, Tose Paidar Hezareh Sevom Consulting Engineers Group Company (TOPS) first came to the Tehran’s attention with design and implement of Jasmine Residential Building, followed by its work on the Modern Park Residential Tower Building in the very nice location in north of the Tehran. Then the company developed its experience and began to design and implement high tech commercial and administrative high building Modern Plaza in Artesh Street. TOPS Company has grown into a truly multidisciplinary organization. Most recently, its work about 620 special building and Villas where majority of them are located in North of Tehran, for the 2009 Artemis Tower has reaffirmed its reputation for delivering innovative and sustainable designs that reinvent the built environment. TOPS Company is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services. Through its work, company is a positive difference in the Tehran for the capital of Iran. TOPS slogan is: “We shape a better Country”.

TOPS Company brings together broad-minded individuals from a wide range of disciplines and encourages them to look beyond the constraints of their own specialisms.

This unconventional approach to design springs in part from TOPS’s ownership structure. The company is owned in trust on behalf of its staff. The result is an independence spirit that is reflected in the firm’s work, and in its dedicated pursuit of technical excellence.

TOPS Company brings together professionals from diverse disciplines and with complementary skills on a uniquely global scale. The depth of expertise and the sheer numbers of specialists allow TOPS Company to take on complex, strategic projects that no other firm could have delivered.

TOPS Company has a healthy mix of people with very different perspectives and from many cultures, working together, learning from each other and generously sharing their knowledge and ideas. Multi domestic team-working is the stuff of everyday life for its people, who take advantage of the skills networks within the firm that allow easy collaboration between colleagues who may be on opposite sides of the country, but are working on the same or similar projects.

Talented people join TOPS Company for the opportunity it provides to work on some of the country’s most exciting projects, to develop a specialism of their own or simply to find their niche. The chance to work with some of the country’s leading experts, the range of professional opportunities, and the support and freedom for innovation means that TOPS Company remains a magnet for many of the country’s most talented engineers and designers.


TOPS Company established a presence in Tehran, Iran in 2001, when entrusted with the structural design of the Tehran Tarak Commercial Building. TOPS now employ over 50 staff working from four affiliates across the Tehran and have developed a diverse practice through delivering a wide range of projects for public and private sector clients. Our experienced staffs combine technical excellence and an understanding of local clients and markets with genuine enthusiasm for design and innovation. Committed to sustainability, we are acutely aware of the responsibility we have in designing and positively influencing the built environment and strive to do the best possible work for current and future generations.

Company Structure

TOPS Company consists of the following departments:

  • Architect Department
  • Structural Department
  • Interior Design Department
  • Construction Department
  • Inspection Department
  • Planning Department
  • Financial Department
  • Customer Service and Maintenance Department
  • Marketing Department
  • Research and Development Department

Board Members

TOPS Company consists of the following departments:

  • Majid Mazaherioun
  • Babak Mazaherioun
  • Ali Asghari
  • Vali Asghari
  • Mahdi Daneshvar
  • Siavash Rahmani
  • Farhad Afshar
  • Pyman Shaeikhi
  • Saeid Rostamkhani
  • Kambiz Lagha
  • Behnam Mahian

Subsidiary Companies: Tosse´eh Banaye Hezareh Sevvom Construction Engineering Company - Mojrian Khalagh-Sazeh Construction Engineering Company –Beh-Sakht Hezareh Sevvom Construction Engineering Company


Architectural Department: Majid Mazaherioun–Ali Asghari – Mahdi Daneshvar – Mohammad Naeh – Alireza Khalilzadeh

Interior Design & Façade: Mahdi Daneshvar – Behnam Mahian – Mahsa Eghbal

Civil Department: Babak Mazaherioun – Pyman Sheikh – Mohsen Arzandehnia – Mehrdad Ghasem-

Mechanical Department: Pyman Shafieian – Hosein Golabchi

Surveying Department: Alireza Farakish

Supervision Department: Babak Mazaherioun – Siavash Rahmani – Saeed Rostamkhani – Mohammad Naeh

Building Department: Babak Mazaherioun – Vali Asghari – Kambiz Lagha – Behnam Mahian – Saeed Rostamkhani

Accounting Department: Farhad Afshar– RuholLah Ganji-Sara Pakniat

Official: Alireza Dannandeh – Mohammad Naeh – Alireza Khalilzadeh

Information Technology Department: Alireza Pourranjbar – Roshanak Saneei fard - Omid Rasouli

Photographer: Behnam Mahian

Marketing: Abouzar Pourranjbar – Arash Rad

Some of our employers

Some of our employers

  • Ports and Maritime Organization Ports and Maritime Organization
  • Health Organization of Petroleum Industry Health Organization of Petroleum Industry
  • Islamic propaganda organization Islamic propaganda organization
  • Foundation of Concrete Foundation of Concrete
  • Maskan Mehr
  • Pars Jam Jam Organization
  • Symbol of the Southern Structure Organization