The Mazaheryoun and Associates Consulting Engineers Holding started its activities in 1974 and began expanding its scope of work in 2015. Following this decision, it established several subsidiary companies

.Tose'e Benaaye Hezareye Sevom

.Tose'e Paydar Hezareye Sevom

.Etemadsazan Hezareye Sevom

.Andisheh Gostaran Hezareye Sevom

by selecting a group of experienced engineers in various fields.

The company specializes in the design and supervision of large-scale residential, administrative, and commercial buildings over 3,000 square meters and high-rise buildings. At the start of its activities, due to its successful work history, the company managed to obtain a first-class license in the fields of architecture, calculations, electrical, mechanical, and supervision from the Tehran Province Engineering Organization. Currently, with the use of unique engineering facilities and capabilities in Tehran, the company designs building projects of various sizes up to 35 floors. Most of these projects, which are primarily residential, commercial, and administrative, are located in the Shemiranat area, making it one of the most active engineering companies in the field of construction in Tehran Province.

Moreover, considering the growing trend of mass construction within the Mehr Housing Scheme in recent years, these consulting engineers have effectively designed residential units tailored to the needs of low-income groups and supervised them to an optimal standard.

It is noteworthy that Mazaheryoun and Associates Consulting Engineers, aiming to promote and disseminate construction culture using the latest global technologies, create employment, and execute building projects, obtained a first-class executing engineer license from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in 2009 for one of its subsidiaries, named Tose’e Benaaye Hezareye Sevom Engineers Company. This license enables the execution of large-scale administrative and commercial building projects through real and legal contracts or EPC contracts. Additionally, in 2012, to expand construction within governmental projects, they established the Creative Structure Executing Engineers Company.

Furthermore, to focus on the beautification of urban facades, provide distinctive interior architectural designs, and harmonize the quality of facades and interior design with the structures executed by the company, in 2013, they expanded their architectural and design atelier with the presence of highly experienced architects and designers.


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