Mazaherion and Associates Consulting Engineers Company has been operating since 1353. In 2015, he started to develop his field of activity, and in line with this decision, he established Third Millennium Sustainable Development Consulting Engineers by selecting a group of experienced engineers in various fields in the field of designing and supervising residential, office and commercial buildings in large areas. 3,000 square meters and has established a high-rise building. At the beginning of its activity, this company was able to obtain a basic license in the fields of architecture, computing, electricity, mechanics and supervision from the engineering system organization of Tehran province, according to its successful work history, and now using the facilities and technical capabilities of engineering. unique in the city of Tehran by designing construction projects with different sizes and up to 35 floors, mostly residential, commercial and office projects, most of which are located in Shemiranat area, one of the most active engineering companies in the field of construction in the province It is Tehran. In addition, considering the growing trend form of Mehr housing in recent years, these consulting engineers have acted in the field of designing residential units according to the needs of low-income groups and also their supervision at an optimal level. It is worth mentioning that, with the aim of promoting and spreading the culture of building construction with the help of the latest technology in the world, creating employment and building construction in 2018, Mazaherion and Associates Consulting Engineers Company succeeded in obtaining a basic license for an executive engineer from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development for one of the sub-branches. In the name of Engineers Company, it has become the developer of Third Building, which has the ability to implement large administrative and commercial construction projects in the form of real and legal contracts or in the form of EPC, also in 2013 in order to develop construction in state projects, has established the company of creative executive engineers.


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